You need to be on S47/48 of Dragon Raja SEA edition, of reasonable level and rating. Most importantly, we value active members. Exceptions can be granted on a case-by-case basis, provided we receive your application.


We believe in balancing the competitive and casual aspects of the game. While we certainly strive to win all contests, we consider ourselves semi-competitive, and winning wars is not the prime objective of our club. Instead, we aim to foster close relationships between members so that everyone can have the companionship they need to keep the game meaningful and fun. All languages and nationalities are welcome, we provide translators and dedicated groups for most Asian languages.


1. Strictly no toxic / hate speech in world or club chat.

2. No intermingling of personal affairs with the club's interests.

3. Attendance for club events is not compulsory. However, players who don't reply to attendance taking will be suspended.

4. As Chizuru / Tokyo moonrealm is a PVP map, any deaths you encounter there are solely your responsibility. No toxic reaction towards others as a result of dying will be tolerated.